Anti-Counterfeiting and Trademark

Each year brand owners lose billions and billions of dollars to counterfeit goods that are introduced into the market illegally by counterfeiters throughout the world. The more popular a brand becomes, the more it is pursued by counterfeiters. Counterfeiting and trademark piracy can lead to direct monetary losses and it could also harm a company’s reputation and goodwill. A company needs to prevent trademark piracy and counterfeiting as much as possible to protect its brand and reputation. We work closely with our clients to minimize this problem by developing a trademark piracy anti-counterfeiting enforcement program.

To build and create their brands, companies have been known to spend a significant amount of time and money to protect their brand and reputation. Protecting the brand from trademark piracy and counterfeiting is especially important to a company’s bottom line.

The brand owner can suffer substantial economic loss of profits by the misuse of intellectual property rights in addition to the damage inflicted to its brand. Another issue with counterfeit products is that they are usually of bad quality, further tarnishing the brand. With the ease of Internet sales in today’s global economy these troubling issues have become quite a challenge to brand owners. Counterfeiting is now an international problem as China has become a popular location where counterfeit products are manufactured, and trademarks are pirated. We focus on our clients’ brands and how to protect these important assets from counterfeiting worldwide.

We help our clients with strategies and create efficient anti-counterfeiting counter measures to deal with this world-wide problem that exists today. We also develop enforcement programs that take into consideration our clients’ primary goals. In addition, we utilize our domestic and international contacts to find and terminate the operations of manufacturers that are producing counterfeit products.